The Vision + Plan

What is a "Vision?"

“If you don’t know where you are going – you might end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra

The Ogden Valley "Vision" is your aspiration for the future of the Valley.  The Vision process will focus on developing consensus about what the ideal future conditions for your community are; this includes how things should look, feel, and function.  It will consider the built environment, the natural environment, and the social environment.  The Vision will capture what residents most value about the Valley and what you imagine this place becoming. A Vision is necessary to provide rational and tactical decisions for the General Plan Update.

 Great Visions are:

  • Understood and shared by community members
  • Broad enough to include diverse perspectives
  • Inspiring
  • Easy to communicate and translate

What is a "General Plan?"

The General Plan Update will serve as a blueprint for future land use and investment decisions in Ogden Valley. It establishes broadly-approved citizen guidance for the County’s Planning Division, County departments and staff, the Planning Commission, County Commission, civic leaders, stakeholders, and residents.  Most decisions and investments in a community are made in increments and phases.  To ensure an excellent outcome, these incremental decisions need to be coordinated with a longer-term plan and vision.  The future of Ogden Valley is an outcome of how small decisions are coordinated within the General Plan's boundaries and guidelines.

Presently, the Ogden Valley operates under the guidance of several different planning documents, and there isn't a recent and truly comprehensive planning instrument that can be used to support the complex decisions that will be made in coming years.  Growth has occurred, and broader community values and goals have changed since the last general planning efforts in  1998 and 2005.  While portions of the 1998 General Plan and 2005 Recreation Element are still relevant to today’s challenges and vision, they require a hard look now.  The General Plan Update will focus on updating demographic baselines and the community vision, integrating new land use and transportation details, and framing these planning features to achieve fiscally, socially, and environmentally responsible land uses.

Why does it Matter?

The General Plan will guide the growth and land development for your community, for both the near and long term periods. It is also designed to be used by anyone interested in the future of Ogden Valley, and can be useful to different groups:

  • Residents may be interested in the location of parks, trails, schools, and community facilities
  • Business and property owners may be interested in land use recommendations or development policies for anticipated future growth
  • Decision-makers will refer to the General Plan as an adopted County document, to inform the budget and timing for capital improvements, and in preparation of zoning regulations

Perhaps most importantly, the General Plan is the community's voice and will regarding many land use decisions that will be made in coming years.  It provides the goals and prioritized actions that ensure critical decisions will be aligned with what's important to the community.

How can I be Involved?

Your Participation in the General Plan Update is important. In addition to community open houses, workshops, and events, there are also opportunities to provide feedback and comments online and to provide comments directly to County staff. Stay up to date with the latest information on meetings, online activities, and events by continuously checking this website.