Schedule and Events

Schedule and Events

In order to facilitate more meaningful discussion we will break the plan into sections for the Planning Commission to review incrementally during work session. If you desire to provide oral comments there will be two public hearings. The two hearings will precede specific work session meetings and for ease of review are intended to break the plan into two halves (Intro – Residential Development, then Commercial Development – Parks and Recreation). The tentative schedule of events is as follows.

January 4 – February 2: Public review of draft #2 (the Planning Commission draft)

February 2: Public hearing regarding the introduction and first three elements of the General Plan (Introduction, Community Character, Land Use, and Residential Development)

February 23: Planning Commission work session for the introduction, element one, and element three (Introduction, Community Character, and Residential Development)

March 1: Planning Commission work session for element two (Land Use)

March 22 March 29: Public hearing for the last four elements of the General Plan (Commercial Development, Transportation and Mobility, Utilities and Public Services, and Parks and Recreation)

April 5: Planning Commission work session for elements four and five (Commercial Development and Transportation and Mobility)

April 26: Planning Commission work session for elements six and seven (Utilities and Public Services and Parks and Recreation)

May 17: Planning Commission work session to review Draft 3

June 7: Public open house to review Draft 3 with the Planning Commission.

June 29: Public hearing and Planning Commission discussion; possible decision.

Thank you for taking part in this monumental effort!