Project Documents

Adopted 2016 Ogden Valley General Plan

Ogden Valley General Plan 2016

Project Documents

Meetings Accomplished and Next Steps (updated 8/25/15)


Newsletter 1.1

Newsletter 1.2


Snapshot: Commercial and Economic Final

Snapshot: Land Use Final

Snapshot: Parks Rec Open Space Final

Snapshot: Demographics and Housing Final

Snapshot: Transportation Final

Stakeholder Interviews: Stakeholder Interview Summary (updated 9/4/2015)


Visioning Workshop Summary

Ogden Valley Vision Document

Citizen Advisory Committee

1. Meeting 1 Summary

2. Meeting 2 Summary

3. Meeting 3 Summary
Draft Scenario Drawings:

4. Meeting 4 Summary

5. Meeting 5 Summary

Water Sub-Committee

Water Meeting 1 Meeting Summary

Water Meeting 2 Meeting Summary

Presentation: Ogden Valley water budget

 Scenario Workshop

Ogden Valley Scenarios Packet

OVGP Scenario Workshop Summary

 Big Ideas Survey

Survey – Ogden Valley Big Ideas

Big Ideas Summary Report

Choices Workshop
Community Choices Presentation

Choices Workshop Presentation Boards

Future Land Use Map

Land Use Survey Information Sheet

Ogden Valley Density Graphics

July 7, 2015 Presentation to County Commission and Planning Commission: General Plan Update Presentation


Draft Plan Open House

Draft Plan Open House Presentation Boards

Open House Process Presentation



Reference Materials

Maximum Zoning Density Study:–_Zoning_Density_Study_UPDATED.pdf

1998 General Plan:

2005 Ogden Valley General Plan Recreation Element:

2004 Ogden Valley Transportation Master Plan:

Weber County Cooperative Pathways Master Plan 2010:

2013 Ogden Valley Trails Plan:

WFRC 2010 – 2015 Consolidated Plan for Davis, Morgan, Tooele, and Weber Counties:

Weber County Housing Assessment & Plan 2012 – 2014:

Ogden-Weber Area Uniform Trail Signage: