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The Ogden Valley General Plan was adopted on August 30, 2016 by the Weber County Commission. To download the Plan and Plan Study Appendix, click the links below.

Ogden Valley General Plan 2016

Ogden Valley General Plan Study Appendix


The project team begins by reviewing and analyzing all of the land use documents for the valley and interviewing dozens of stakeholders.


Early in the project, the residents and citizens of the Ogden Valley tell their stories and help establish a long-term community VISION.


With a vision established, the community will help build SCENARIOS so that we can understand the CHOICES that are available.


Valley residents' choices are translated into the PLAN. This plan helps ensure key land-use decisions match the community's vision.

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The Plan is a living document and your thoughts and comments are still welcome. Send comments and questions to:

Charlie Ewert - Principal Planner
Weber County Planning Division
801.399.8763 (office)
Email: cewert@co.weber.ut.us